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Do you need your furry friends ‘transfurred’ across the globe. Then we are experts when it comes to transporting pets to and from the United Arab Emirates.

You can rely on us to provide a bespoke service and guarantee that the welfare of your beloved pet is our number one priority.

We are able to help get your pet safely to your new home and due to our passion for animals, we will always go the extra mile for our clients.

Allow us to help you reduce the stress that comes with your new start abroad or returning back to your home country.



Travelling or working long hours? Need someone to just come over and give some loving care to your animals, no matter what size... rabbits, hamsters, birds, cats, dogs and even your fish!

Pet loving pet sitters come to your house as many times as you want, take care of your pets or walk your dog, while you are still in the office working long hours. 


‘Most animals actually choose their human, not the other way around‘, says our owner, Emma Button, one of Abu Dhabi’s most prolific rescuers.

Many of the animals in our care have never experienced life in a loving, family home. Can you give one of our animals the happy future they deserve? All our our dogs and cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Please remember healthy cats and dogs have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years, which is why people need to be sure they are ready for such a long-term commitment.


Please read our questionnaire to ensure that you are aware not only about the multiple benefits of adoption but also the commitment involved when taking on an abandoned or neglected animal.

Dogs with Dog Walker


Need to walk your dog during the day but you are stuck at work? Let' us take care of it and take your dog for a walk around the block. 

Our trained and certified staff is happy to do so! We offer various package sizes tailored for your needs.


We are constantly growing and expanding our services to become your ONE PET STOP for all your pet's needs. 

And therefore, you can also find our Online Shop for your food and accessories.


And every weekend we are organizing the very first Abu Dhabi Dog Park Event. 

And more will come! 

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