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Pricing & Payment Terms

Charity Pricing 
Commercial Shipment from Abu Dhabi to London with Etihad

Services Included / Breakdown

  • Health certificate completions and stamping.

  • MOCCAE export permit issuance including pet inspection/clearance.

  • All prices are inclusive of VAT.

  • A Fit to Fly is required for every flight. If you wish us to obtain for you, the cost is 100 AED. Should you wish to obtain your own, please do ask the clinic for their MOCCAE reference number for our paperwork.

  • Our boarding facility is in Abu Dhabi. Cost for boarding per night is 40 AED. A bonded pair who are flying together may share the same unit.

  • While the cat is boarding with us, we supply food and a blanket for your cats’ comfort, however we do recommend supplying your own blanket to make your cat more comfortable and a small supply of their favorite food, as this help reduce the risk of upsetting the cat’s tummy before travel.

  • Should you require transport of your pet from Dubai to Abu Dhabi for the MOCCAE visit, please do let us know and we will obtain a price.

  • Transport from our boarding facility to the Airport on the night is included.

  • Boarding from drop off on the day of the flight until the flight is free of charge.

  • Nappy pads are provided for travel; however, we do recommend you supply a small blanket or towel that has the cats smell on it. This can help reduce stress. We do also spray all our cages with Pet Remedy, which is a pheromone
    calming spray.

  • The Fur Seasons Pet Resort Ltd, is also a licensed UK based company. We have Level 2 authorized drivers who, upon
    request can delivery your pet.

  • Delivery from London Heathrow to the collection point is free of charge. 

  • All requests for delivery must be paid, prior to the arrival of the cat in the UK and paid into our UK account.

Payment Terms

  • Once you have made the booking on our interactive booking system, an invoice will be sent, and a 250 AED deposit is required to confirm the booking.

  • If you cancel the flight, this is fully refundable 2 days prior to the MOCCAE visit.

  • If the security deposit not received within 2 days of the booking, the cat will be removed from our booking system and the space reallocated. 

  • The remaining balance is due in full, 7 days prior to the flight. 

  • Should you wish to cancel due to sickness, a letter is required from the Vet stating the reasons. A full refund will be given minus to 250 AED security deposit, if this occurs after the Ministry visit and a full refund if more than 2 days prior to the visit.

  • If full payment not received within 2 days of the flight, the cat will be removed from the booking system and the space cancelled. The security deposit will not be refunded.

  • Should Etihad reject the cat in the carrier that has been selected for flight and a larger carrier required, the additional will be sent on invoice and the amount is required to be paid in full before the flight. Should this not be received, the cat will be removed from the flight and a refund given minus the booking fee within 21 working days.

  • We do accept payment by Credit card and PayPal; however, these are subject to a 3.75% handling charge and any payments must be received in full 20 days prior to the flight. The security deposit can be paid by credit card; however, this is non-refundable.

  • Please see our Terms & Conditions

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