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Relocated 2 cats from UAE to UK in December 2020

In December, I sent my two little cats back to the UK to live a happy life with my parents! I cannot recommend Emma and her team more!

My cats not only arrived home safely, but Emma was extremely caring towards them (and me) to ensure the situation was as safe and as pleasurable as possible!

For me, I was absolutely dreading sending the girls home, as I never actually realised how easy and simple it can be! With the Fur seasons, it was made so straight forward and I was constantly reassured and welcomed to ask any questions (which I certainly did )!

The girls flew to London airport and then were personally delivered to my door in the north of England! There was fantastic communication throughout the whole journey, which allowed my parents to constantly be updated as to where the cats were/ how long until their destination.

Thank you Emma and your amazing team! I cannot express my appreciation enough, and I would highly recommend this to anyone with little furry friends.

And finally, for anyone contemplating taking their babies home with them, just do it! It’s not as scary or as complicated as you may think- especially with the fur seasons Abu Dhabi!

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