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At the Fur Seasons Pet Resort, we are proud to be recognized and trusted as a pet-oriented company who will always put the welfare of animals first. We care about your pets, because you do.

Our Mission is based on the core values of quality, compassion, integrity, education, transparency, innovation, and a fundamental love of all animals.


We aspire to provide the highest care and compassion while exporting your beloved pet.


We aim to offer a professional, courteous, and efficient service to all our clients.

Happy Dog


We appreciate that exporting your pet abroad is a stressful experience, for both the owner and the pet. We will always do our best to answer your questions and concerns, and we encourage our clients to ask questions. For us there is no such thing as a silly question!
(Seriously, we mean that!)

Our aim is to put you at ease and reassure you that your pet is in the safest of hands.


We will always communicate honestly with you and our team is dedicated to building your trust. All our staff are either owners and/or active rescuers and are committed toward putting animal welfare above anything else.


We believe that knowledge and understanding, are the building blocks for sound decisions. We ensure at all times at our staff are up to date with current policy and legislation around pet exportation.


Our relocation manager is IATA certified and all our relocation staff that deal with animals directly have been trained in animal first aid. We also ensure that our staff attend regular CPD events, to
ensure your pet’s safety. By working as a team, we can better care for your pet.

Petting a White Cat


We operate on a policy of complete transparency. We do not hide costs: our invoices are detailed and broken down,
so you know exactly what you are paying for. Any necessary changes will be discussed with you and, the animal’s welfare will be put first. Any decisions will always be discussed in an open format, especially when it comes
to cost.


We are constantly looking at ways to make exporting your pet a straightforward process. From our interactive online booking system, a first for the UAE, to our online adoption page, again another UAE first, where you can click on a pet
you wish to adopt and are taken straight to our online adoption form. We like to work digitally, which speeds up the process enormously! We would also like to be the first pet export company in the UAE to hold ISO 9001 & 14001 certifications. We offer a free online tracker system in the UK once your pet is collected, so you know where in the country your pet is at all times, and our team of pet taxi drivers hold the appropriate licenses to carry animals.


It is easy to say “We care about animals” but how many
actually do? We will never compromise the animal’s welfare over cost, even if this means we do not win your business. 

Everyone on our team is a seasoned pet owner themselves and owns a rescue animal (or two or three, or even more!), and we go the extra mile during export to ensure your pet is well looked after. We will never double up pets in cages (unless they are a bonded pair under a certain weight and age) and will always ensure the pet travels in the most suitable carrier for its size.


To date, we are the only export company in the UAE that also gives back to the community by running TNR days in conjunction with local veterinary clinics and by holding events to raise awareness of animal rights.

Dog Portrait

Our Mission

Our mission at the Fur Seasons Pet Resort is to provide our clients and pets the absolute best in export services. Our services are progressive and reflect the needs of our clients in this ever-changing world and ensure we offer unique care options, unsurpassed service and personal pet care. We also aim to ensure we form a human-animal bond to ensure your pet is always totally comfortable with us.

We are proudly committed to the work we do and ensure we empower our clients to make the best decisions and most appropriate decisions about their pet’s health and export.

We look forward to a long relationship with you and your pet and wish you and your pet the safest of journeys back to your home country.

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